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Her readiness to work with us and understand our family nad our needs was amazing. She was so quick to respond and provide us with support. She really educated us and was very patient. She made us a priorite and gave us such amazing pieces of information, tools and techniques to use. The last month has been life changing for us!

I honestly don't know how she could. She was amazing. She used a great platform that allowed us to communicate easily and track our daily check ins. She was organized, clear and patient! She made sure we were comfortable and worked WITH us!

Allie Seitelbach

She was very kind, calm, understanding, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, non-judgemental and looked at all areas to help us out.

Alexandra Jordan

Lisa-Marie was so helpful in normalizing baby sleep behaviour, which was so reassuring for me as first-time mom. I found her intake form was very thorough and allowed her to give me a holistic point of view on why my baby wasn't sleeping as well as he could. She was also very supportive, understanding, and empathetic. Because of her advice, I feel much more empowered to trust my own instincts, and I am no longer stressed out over my baby's sleep (or lack thereof). I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her and would recommend her services to any new parents.

Jess N.

I got Lisa's guide to the baby's first year e-book and found it to be very insightful and applicable to new parents. It is full of good information tips on what to do and how to prepare for life in the first year. 

I recommend it to any new parents!  

Adam G.

Had a phone appointment with Lisa and she was wonderful. Professional and kind who knows how a parent can support their baby. She was very encouraging and gave some great tips not just on baby sleep but food too! Would highly recommend her!

Nadia A.

I'm so flad I sought Lisa's help when it came to my baby's sleep. As a FTM experiencing information overload and most of it related to "sleep training" (something I knew I didn't want to do), it just wasn't helpful for me and I needed someone who could help educate and guide me to better understand infant sleep and how I could support my little one. Lisa did exactly that. She completed a thorough assessment, gave me a safe space to voice my concerns, encouraged questions (I asked her so many, it was so helpful to do so), and gave me reassurance, confidence, and was supportive and throughout the time I worked with her. It was the best decision I made to seek her help.

Mary A.

Lisa's help was absolutely incredible for us. As new parents, we were constantly on google trying to figure out Wake Windows, sleep cues, total sleep time, and always wondering what every new parent wonders..."is this normal?" We were looking for the guidance of someone who wouldn't push sleep training on us and would just help us better understand infant sleep, and Lisa gave us that guidance. She offered many specific and implementable tips to help our baby's current sleep while also putting us at ease about our current experience. She also provided resources on "what's to come" which will help prime us for the future. Overall we were really happy with our consult with Primal Baby Sleep and will absolutely return to her should we have future concerns. Thank you, Lisa!

Lane G.

We had an hour phone consultation with Lisa and Lisa's response was really helpful! Lisa was quick to respond and we were able to schedule our one hour phone consulation shortly after completing the intake form. We had sent Lisa a list of questions and she came prepared to discuss our concerns. She helped us normalize our baby's sleep behaviour and gave us some actionable items to take to make some parent-led changes. After our call, she followed up with an email of everything that we had spoke about and included additional resources that we can look into.

Cynthia P.