Let’s Work Together

As your certified Baby-Led Sleep and Wellness Specialist, I offer you unyielding support and a personalized approach to clear away the confusion and provide you and your family the long-term well-being you deserve. Take a look at my services and see how we can work together to achieve your family’s health and wellness goals. 

Not sure which package is right for you? I offer a FREE 15 Minute Discovery Call! Book below! Just leave your details and I will get back to you in 24 hours.


Sleep Support


This package is for those families who need sleep support and guidance. You will have a 2 weeks of sleep support with a Baby-Led Sleep Specialist. This package will include:

  • A comprehensive intake form, including 3 days worth of sleep and food logs. 

  • 60 Minute Phone/Video Call discussing the Assessment and Sleep Education.

  • 30 Minute Phone/Video call discussing a Sleep Plan

  • Any additional resources or referrals to other providers, if necessary

  • 2 full weeks of email support, to help with any additional questions and to work through any changes. 

Email Support


Not a phone person? No problem! 
I offer a week of email support for any question you may have around your child's sleep. 
This service will include a mini intake form and sleep/food logs.
You will in turn receive a full analysis of your intake form and logs. This will include suggestions for getting sleep following the Baby-Led Sleep Approach and also any referrals or any other additional resources if necessary. 
You will be able to ask me up to 5 questions. 
Expect a 3-day turnaround time from the time you send in your intake form and logs.
*This is ideal for quick suggestions and tips.

Hourly Phone Consultations


This service is great for any age (infant-4years). It will be over phone or video call. It will include an comprehensive intake form. During the phone call, you will get Sleep Education about what's normal for your baby and sleep strategies. After the phone call, you will receive an email with everything that was discussed and any additional resources or referrals.

Additional Week of Support


Need more support after the 2 weeks? No problem! You can get an additional week of email sleep support.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Baby's First Year: EBOOK


This Ebook will be your go-to for your baby's first year of life. 

Topics included:

  • Postpartum Must-Haves

  • Signs of Postpartum Anxiety & Depression

  • What's Normal Infant Sleep?

  • Safe Sleep Environment

  • Safe Bed-Sharing Guidelines

  • Red Flags for Tongue Tie & Breastfeeding

  • Common Sleep Interruptors

  • Sleep Challenges

  • Sleep Tips

  • and so much more!

1/2 Hour Phone Consultation


A 30 minute phone consultation is perfect for those families who have had sleep support in the past and need to troubleshoot a small challenge and ask a couple questions. (Only book if you've had sleep support with me before)