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These are all the products that I love and highly recommend to any parent. I am affiliated with them, so I do get a small commission when you buy them. Thank you so much for supporting me and my family!


Parenting Books

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Baby/Toddler Toys

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If you are looking for a safe co-sleeper, I highly recommend getting it from Arms Reach. Dr. James Mckenna recommends this for a safe sleep surface for an infant.

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My favourite Canadian shop for all things babywearing. I highly recommend the Didyklick carrier and getting a babywearing sweater!

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This is the couse that changed my life! If you are looking for more in depth knowledge about infant sleep and want to start a new career, I highly recommend this sleep certification course.

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We are obsessed with this subscription box. My boys love seeing what theme the next month will be and all the new activities that are inside.

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95% of the clothing I buy for my boys are all pre-loved. Beeja May is one of my favourite online stores to purchase all their clothes. Everything is in such great quality and we reduce the amount of clothing that end up in landfills every year!

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If I'm not buying pre-loved clothing for my boys, I'm buying clothes from Whistle & Flute. It's one of my favourite Canadian online clothing stores. The quality is great and my boys love all the fun designs!

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My all-time favourite natural deodorant! If you are looking to make the switch to a safer and cleaner deodorant then check out Native.

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I love Tubby Todd products for my kiddos. You can feel at ease knowing that they don't use any chemicals or toxins in their products.

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If you are looking to switch your current products to a safer and cleaner option, then definitely try Attitude Living! I use all of the cleaning products and all the body products. My favourite Canadian brand!

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My all-time favourite maternity and nursing wear!! Super comfortable and soft, even looks great post-partum!

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I love Montessori style toys for babies and toddlers. They focus on what is developmental at the different ages of the baby and toddler. It is also very minimalist and toys that will last.

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Are you a new self-employed business owner? Are you looking for a program to keep track of your accounting? Then I highly recommend using Quickbooks. Super easy to use!