My Story

Baby-Led Sleep And Wellness Specialist

At the beginning of 2020, I was on a mission to find a new “career” where I can help Moms and families. I didn’t know what or how I could do this, but I knew the universe would have the answer for me at some point. In the summer of 2020, I stumbled upon a Baby-Led Sleep course from Isla-Grace Sleep and I knew in that moment this was my calling! This was my opportunity to help families with sleep and to let parents know that their baby is normal and that they don’t need to do any sort of separation-based sleep training to get better sleep. 

I’m a Mom to two boys and I know how exhausting it can be and always worrying about their sleep. With my first son, I was very anxious about his sleep and I would always worry about whether he was napping long enough or why he wasn’t napping. I was always googling for the “answer” but I never found it. After the first year, I had a severe panic attack because, once again I was so stressed about him not falling asleep at an “appropriate” time. After that experience, I discovered that I was suffering from Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorder. I 100% believe I suffered from PMAD because of my obsession with my son’s sleep. After that episode, I told myself to just go with the flow and not stress out about his sleep and low and behold, his sleep got better! Now with my second son, I stopped putting so much pressure on myself to have him have this “perfect” sleep and just followed his lead...and it had been night and day. 

I am very passionate about helping you build a secure attachment with your child, bedsharing, babywearing, breast sleeping and following your instincts. 
I’ve been bedsharing with my boys for 3 years now and I nursed my first son to sleep until he was 19 months and I’m still nursing my second son to sleep and he’s currently 17 months. 
My mission is to help support Moms and families with their sleep problems without sleep training. I’m here to help you get better sleep by using the Baby-Led Sleep Approach and to trust your instincts. 

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