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Baby-Led Sleep and Wellness Specialist

As a Baby-Led Sleep and Wellness Specialist, I’m here to help and support families to get better sleep WITHOUT sleep training. My purpose is to promote better attachment with baby and parent(s). I will never recommend any separation based sleep training (cry it out, Ferber, extinction). I will help find the best solution for each individual family because every family and baby is unique. There is no ‘quick-fix’ solution, I will help and find the root cause of the sleep issue. But most importantly, I’m here to let mothers know that their baby is normal and to always follow their maternal instinct because only you know your baby best. 


Client Testimonials


Her readiness to work with us and understand our family nad our needs was amazing. She was so quick to respond and provide us with support. She really educated us and was very patient. She made us a priorite and gave us such amazing pieces of information, tools and techniques to use. The last month has been life changing for us!

I honestly don't know how she could. She was amazing. She used a great platform that allowed us to communicate easily and track our daily check ins. She was organized, clear and patient! She made sure we were comfortable and worked WITH us!

Allie Seitelbach

Sleepy Baby


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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